Who we are

A participatory initiative for every Yemeni and lover of Yemen for establishing the largest qualitative waqf in the history of Yemen with the contribution of all of us and its proceeds are used for achieving the programs of the paths of the civilizational advancement in Yemen.
The Waqf was founded in Istanbul, Turkey, and it was licensed by virtue of a court order on March 27, 2017 according to the Turkish Waqf Law which is one of the world’s best laws of Waqf for ensuring the sustainability of this waqf and the development of its resources because it provides the opportunity to invest funds of waqf and develop its assets in various fields of investment.
The institutional building of the Waqf, its regulations, rules and plans were achieved and the promotion and introduction to the initiative were started in 2018.

The actual marketing and declaration of the initiative started in the beginning of 2019 according to a five-year strategic plan ending in 2023. 

Our Goals

Our Approach

Our Values

Initiative – Ambition – Partnership – Transparency – Institutionalization – Sustainability

Our Mission

We create the innovative waqf investment tools that secure the resources of the civilizational advancement of Yemen.We integrate with our partners for building capabilities, supportive programs and specialized networking.

Our Vision

To be Pioneers of the specialized participatory Waqf for the civilizational advancement in Yemen

Statement of Head of Waqf

All of us know that Yemen and Yemenis are always appreciated and loved by people all over the world. Actually, Yemenis are considered the origin of Arabs and they are very kind and good people and their country has an important geographic location in the southwest of the Arabian Peninsula. It overlooks Bab Al-Mandab Strait and this is considered an important strategic location for all the countries. In addition, Yemen has several natural resources and its climate is varied.The Yemeni people are considered the most important wealth and active factor in the process of development. This is due to their characteristics such as tolerance, patience and adaptation to the difficult conditions of life. The consecutive emigrations of Yemenis throughout history have made all the peoples of the world realize their hospitality, coexistence, tolerance, ability to integrate into and participate in the host country, in addition to their discipline and respect of the laws of the countries to which they emigrate.

The Yemeni funds are considered a great wealth in these countries and Yemenis have become major investors in the countries of Arab Gulf, East Africa, Southeast Asia, America and Europe. In addition, some Yemenis have become decision makers in these countries.There is no doubt that the heritage, civilization and history of Yemen are a great motivation for its people to achieve the comprehensive development, prosperity, stability and unlimited advancement. Therefore, we have decided to provide this initiative in these difficult circumstances. Surely, the hope can arise from the heart of pain and the sun always shines after the darkness of night.
Therefore, we have provided this participatory initiative and the ambitious idea of establishing Owais Al-Qarni Waqf Turk for Yemen Al-Saeed.
Dear Yemenis, the future of our country will be promising, God willing. Really, the Yemenis all over the world are able to achieve great successes. They include scientists, inventors and distinguished persons in the fields of science, art, sports and creativity. We seek to make them be the main supporters of the vision and goals of the Waqf to build the new Yemen, reformulate the unified national identity, spread the culture of peace, coexistence and solidarity and reject all forms of division, dispute and discrimination in order to be like #one_body.
Let’s read the past deeply and analyze the reality accurately, look forward to future with optimism and hope, get rid of despair, make use of opportunities and stay away from risks. We should also provide a comprehensive vision for developing Yemen, building the capabilities of its citizens, qualifying its cadres, developing its public and private institutions and benefiting from the successful experiences around the world
I want to invite all Yemenis and lovers of Yemen to support this initiative and cooperate to build Owais Al-Qarni Waqf in order to be a practical, qualitative and participatory starting point for building Yemen Al-Saeed, with God’s help.
Mr. Salah Bates

Mr. Salah Bates
Head of Owais Al-Qarni Waqf

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