Success Stories

From the middle of this war that led to the interruption or disruption of the education process and the deterioration of the economy and high unemployment, and despite the painful reality that we live in Yemen emerged stories of success that give optimism and hope and indicate the bright future awaited by the people in Yemen and give us a message that no more despair, but there will be work, optimism, activity and sincere intention to build this new Yemen.

A Yemeni student in Malaysia gets a patent in artificial intelligence

The Malaysian Intellectual Property Corporation (MIPI) registered a patent for the graduation project of the student Mohammed Abd Al-Sattair Al-Shumairi in the field of Artificial Intelligence under the title “Smart Screwdriver for Automated Handling with Multi-Threading Tools” (PI 2018700726)…

Seven patents for Fayez Batis in mechanical engineering in Canada

The Yemeni researcher at the University of Toronto, Canada (Fayez Batis) has registered seven patents in the fields of micro motors, speed and focus mobile cameras, ultra-sensitive acceleration sensors, micro-power sensors, three-dimensional touch panels..

Omar Badkhan wins the top UN award in the environmental field

Omar Badkhan won the Young Earth Heroes Award for his biogas project that will help tackle climate change, deadly air pollution and reduce the spread of cholera. The United Nations Environment Agency has selected Yemeni engineer Omar Badkhan to award him the Young Earth Heroes Award for his work in the construction of biogas plants that can support thousands of rural resources in that war-ravaged country..