Omar Badkhan wins the top UN award in the environmental field

February 3, 2021

Omar Badkhan won the Young Earth Heroes Award for his biogas project that will help tackle climate change, deadly air pollution and reduce the spread of cholera

The United Nations Environment Agency has selected Yemeni engineer Omar Badkhan to award him the Young Earth Heroes Award for his work in the construction of biogas plants that can support thousands of rural resources in that war-ravaged country

The award was presented to Omar (24 years old) with six other winners representing different regions of the world. The award was presented by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and Cofistro, a leading science company. The prize provides initial funding and training to outstanding individuals aged between 18 and 30 who have innovative ideas to protect the environment

“I am very excited about environment and sustainable energy. My main goal is to protect the environment, to achieve development, and to preserve biodiversity in Yemen,” said award winner Omar Badkhan. “This award is a great honor that will help me raise the level of my initiative, establish relationships with international organizations and help my country,” said Omar

Omar, who has a university degree from Hadramout University, conducted research on the production and purification of biogas from waste dumps to generate electricity as part of his study. He soon realized that such devices could be used at the local level in his own country, and he decided to do so himself.

These devices, which will be built locally under the supervision of Engineer Omar, will enable rapid decomposition of local organic waste, increasing the amount of biogas produced. Omar is currently working with a non-governmental organization to build prototype and test biogas plants.