A Yemeni student in Malaysia gets a patent in artificial intelligence

February 3, 2021

A Yemeni student at the Engineering College of Bahang University in Malaysia received a patent in artificial intelligence.

The Malaysian Intellectual Property Corporation (MIPI) registered a patent for the graduation project of the student Mohammed Abd Al-Sattair Al-Shumairi in the field of Artificial Intelligence under the title “Smart Screwdriver for Automated Handling with Multi-Threading Tools” (PI 2018700726).

Al-Shamiri explained that the project is a smart screwdriver that can identify the different sizes of screws automatically by directing the screwdriver using artificial intelligence technology and image processing. Once identified, it automatically changes to fit the “bolt” size to be used.

He confirmed that after several experiments on different types of screws, it was found that the accuracy of the device up to 97% and the device is the first smart screwdriver since it has never used artificial intelligence techniques in the field of screwdrivers “Spanners.”

Al-Shamiri expressed his gratitude to Dr. Mohammed Abdo Hashim and all of his support and encouragement and helped him to successfully complete the project and obtain a patent and graduated from the university and achieve the highest rate of foreign student 95.25 Privilege with honors